Friday, November 7, 2008


With the current state of the economy, every penny counts. This is another great opportunity for you to start saving those pennies. Upromise links to your college loans or you can save money for your kids. You can link your account to credit cards or your shopper cards. I have not linked any credit cards yet, but I have my Dillons Plus Card linked to my account. So far I have earned $.06. Not alot of money, but it took very little effort to earn it.

Another benefit is ecoupons. They have a wide variety of coupons. These coupons are a little different. Instead of seeing a discount on your reciept, you will earn that amount towards your college savings.Some are the same as Shortcuts and P&G esaver, but there are other coupons also. I am not sure if your plus card will redeem all of the site 's coupons at once or not. I will let you know my results. Click here to sign up.

One example of a great savings opportunity:
Buy Huggies Diapers

Then use:
UPromise coupon = $1 for college
Shortcuts coupon = $1 off purchase
Newspaper coupon = $1 or $1.50 off purchase

This is a $4 to $4.50 savings off Huggies Diapers
(more when they are on sale!)

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Jennifer at The Caregivers Marketplace said...

Hi, thanks for mentioning our program in your blog. I also wanted to let you and your readers know we added three new brands for 2009 – Balmex, Kaopectate and Benzodent. The new cash back form will be posted on our Web site beginning January 1st.

If you ever have any questions or comments for us, please call 800-888-0889. We like hearing from our program users!